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2016-02-11 12:29:10 (UTC)

Crawling to normal again

It feels strange to be in my car riding to an appointment after so
long of feeling homebound. But it went well for her. She really
like the first house so we did not bother touring the second one
on our list. I was happy about that since I had already did a
ride by and did not think she would like all the construction and
the condition of that place. I try to stay away from flipped
properties since so many of them are thrown together real fast
with glue and paint mixed together, you never know what is under
the new carpet or what lurks under the house. But this one to
my surprise was very nice. I was raised near the street it was
on. The girls who flipped it must have used very good contractors.
It was adorable. She loved it. However, her loan company may not
let her have enough to get it. We wait to hear back before moving

When I came home last evening, the house across the way from us
had lots of cars in the yard. Once again my stomach dropped as
I figured maybe someone had died or something...even if it was
a Tupperware party or something like that, it seemed too early on
a weekday to hold one. But this morning the cars are gone, nothing
in the paper...just hoping all is well over there. If they had
one of those parties, I hoped they sold a lot. Better that than
thinking that lady lost her husband a couple years ago, just got
used to driving that Mercedes and now...she is gone. What a
waste. Hopefully my husbands friend from up the road will stop
in soon to give us the low down. He knows everything that
happens around here. Hey, maybe it was a surprise birthday
party or something....although I saw no balloons.

Today, I will be attempting to mark stuff off my list...this place
is a mess. So much to do. Catching up on laundry, I will locate
that damn vacuum cleaner...and use it...sort through some of this
crap on my desk and get more organized. The worse is over..
taxes done. Now be more prepared for next year.....

The boss ordered his post cards. Guess that means he liked them;
and said he would give me money for postage since I told him I
mailed his....I have a few more to get out today....if I get that
far. I must catch up this house work.

Worrying that someone may have dropped dead across the street...makes
you think that your house looks like crap and what if something
like that happened here?

I know.

That sounds horrible. But my mind is warped. You should be
use to it.