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2016-02-11 00:06:35 (UTC)

Dear David 2

Dear David,

Today has been long...
and i honestly don't feel like writing right now but i know that if i don't do it i won't do it and i'm going to keep my promise to you to answer one question a day.
I apologize if it's short or if it's just written bad in general.
See my past two entry's for my excuses for that.

Your next questions seems the second one seems very similar to the third so i'm going to do my best to answer with out answering both questions at the same time
The question:
Where do you want to end up in Five to ten years? where is God leading you?

Well in five years I'll be 26 in 10 years i'll be 31.
and it's weird but i can't picture myself either of those ages...
maybe that's just a childish thing i don't know.

in five years I'll have wanted to travel the world more have visited the 3 last remaining continents that i haven't seen yet.
I'll want to have a good Job that also has eternal value.
I'll have wanted to have found a church i feel like i belong in and i'll want to be really involved, I want to lead people to Christ.
I want to have seen or seeing a revival in five years time.

in ten years when i'm 31...I don't know i just want what ever god wants and that's something of a different question from you i don't want to give away my coming answers. :)
I can't really fully answer this one without answering the next one with it which i plan to save for tomorrow.

Hope that's okay.
Sorry today's was so bad.
I'll do better tomorrow.