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2016-02-10 23:54:22 (UTC)

Count your Blessings

Mood: Exhausted
Song: Silence
Color: dark purple
Writing challenge day 10 Feb 10th: Five blessings in your life.

this one is easy and because of my current Benadryl induced state...it's going to be a short one.

1. Medicine
I don't have to take medicine much anymore but i did when i was a kid and it's a blessing to have when i need it.
Like the Bynadryl for the Yellow jacket sting.

2. My family.
This one is a given. i don't even have to explain they are everything to me and i don't know what i'd do without them even if the drive me crazy sometimes.

3. This diary.
SO that i can vent and get feelings out and because of all the people I've met through this diary through out the years.

4. God.
Guess he should have been first.
but even if he he's first in this list he is first in my life.

5. My home.
I couldn't wait to get home today...
I couldn't wait to be in my room alone in the dark in the silence and just to be in my safe place.

Bonus: My grandma cooking.
I haven't eaten anything to day and it's almost 6pm.... I'm blessed that she's cooking and that tonight i don't have to.