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2016-02-10 23:43:48 (UTC)

Stung and so done

Mood: Irritated
Song: Silence
color Dark purple

Today has been long...working with Pre K through 6th grade kids isn't my thing.
i mean i help because it's the Church and because my parent asked me to...but Ugh there are to many kids and not enough help and it's exhausting and Hectic and i'm so tired.
And on top of everything i Got stung by a yellow jacket today which sucked gosh those things hurt and then it stings and swells and i can barely bend my middle finger on the left hand(thats where i got stung) they always land on my hair!
what is with that? they attracted to the red?
but now it really hurts and it's making it hard to type the letter that your supposed to hit with the middle finger... -_-

If you know me you'd know that anything that bites or stings i'm super allergic to and sensitve to it always effects me like 10 times worse.
I think ants and Yellow jackets are the worst though.
SO tired.
and so done with today.