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2016-02-10 01:05:06 (UTC)

What if?

Mood: Fine
Song: Something in the water by Carrie Underwood
Color: dark blue.
Writing challenge day 9 Feb 9th: Something that make you think what if?

There is only one think that i could ever write for a what if entry...
i mean there are several statement that we could all ask me included but only one in my mind takes precedence over everything else and that is this what if statement:

"What if my twin brother Levi was not killed?"

what would my life be like? we would have gotten to grow up together we would have been close i can feel it.
I know we probably would have fought some sure but i know we would have been the Dynamic Duo.
It would have been him and me...the way it should have been.
What if she hadn't killed him? would that mean i would have grown up in her home? would that mean that my biological siblings would have never been born if that hadn't happened would that have changed the course of history? or would we still have all ended up in the Forster system anyway...
if she hadn't i probably would have never met my family...would have had the life i have.
wouldn't have Robert, Josh, Tara, me, Emma, mom and dad..
Wouldn't have been home schooled.
wouldn't have met my friends...
or like Levi...maybe i wouldn't be alive right now.

What if's what if's what if's what if's.

God has his purpose even if i don't understand why i had to lose my brother.