My Letter To The World
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2016-02-10 00:53:23 (UTC)

Dear David.

Mood: Thoughtful
Song: Somewhere in the middle By Casting Crows
Color: Dark Blue.

Did you know that i love writing letters?
No probably not but it's not an out there guess considering how i like having Pen Pals...
and well My diary's name.
"My letter to the world"
The reason that that is my diary's name and has been since i was 16 on this sight...
Well that comes from a verse in the Bible.
It's the verse i consider my life verse which is 2 corinthians 3:3 which says:

You Show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on Tablets of human Hearts.

I've decided to answer all of your questions in letter form at least theses starting one's and then we'll go from there and because you asked me to i'll do one a day.

The first question:

Where are you now VS. Where you wish you were now?

This question is both easy and hard to answer believe it or not...haha
Because you obviously mean where am i spiritually How is my walk with God?

Fist i'll say where i wish i was.

I wish i was Comfortable in my New church i wish that the people there felt like a church family should.
I wish that i didn't have unanswered questions and i wish that I was a more forgiving person who gives mercy and Grace i wish i was more Christ like in that area.
I wish that I was wise enough to see what the reason behind certain things were.
I wish that i wasn't still hanging on to some anger towards God.
I wish i was reading my bible and praying more faithfully.
I wish that i was leading more people to Christ.

now this is where i think i am.

I think i'm starting over...i think that i'm letting go of some of the anger and i think that i'm trying to give people chances and i'm trying to trust God fully with my life.
I think that over the past year i've been so angry at God but on the other side i know that i couldn't have gotten thorough the past year or my life with out him.
It's the difference between going through hell and Betrayal and difficulties as a Believer Vs. a non- Believer...One has hope they other may not.
I'm trying again where i had stopped before.
and i feel a renewed sense of peace and relationship with Christ.

I'm still getting used to church...
But i love the prayer meeting i go to on Thursday nights it's me and my friends and some loyal people who are called to come and pray together for our community and for our country and our world.
I believe we are living in end times but i believe that there still can be a last great revival and that's what we are praying for.
There are people, souls that hang in the balance and I am a letter from Christ.
I do not want to be the reason that someone doesn't come to Christ.
I will not miss the oppertunity's that i'm given to tell someone about God's love.
I will try to be the best Example i can be I'm not perfect and i'm up front about that on this diary and in my personal life.
But i'm trying.
and that's the best i can do.
This is where i'm at.
This is a big part of who i am and who i wish to be and who i'm becoming through the Grace of God.