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2016-02-09 23:00:29 (UTC)

What a day what a day

I felt like crap yesterday. Still feeling like I am wetting my
pants, especially when I get up in mornings. I am thinking
now that it is night sweats, not peeing. ha ha ha

I was here alone this morning when the phone rang. I was sitting
in the recliner eating chips and drinking a coke. It was the
Doctors office again. I answered this time...I figure, what the
hell, they are going to tell me my blood work is off the hook
or something....anyway...they did not. I was wrong again. The
doctor wanted me to know that my cholesterol was normal so I could
stop taking the medication she had prescribed months ago. I said
ok. They seem to think that my stopping smoking helped contribute
to this. I never took that medication. I just started eating
different. I sat back down and looked at the bag of chip.

Later I decided that I would risk going to get the taxes filled out.
My son did it yesterday. He has to pay 500 bucks or so. I figure
my luck, or our luck, we may have to pay thousands. I was in there
from 11:45 until 2:30. It took that long. Lord. Well, we only have
to pay around 500 too. But we do get some back from state. No where
as bad as I had expected.

I stopped in at the store to pick up what I needed to start dinner.
I prepared spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. It smells
so good in here.

The girl buyer called and wants to see two properties tomorrow.
I sat down at my desk and made the appointments...I meet her
at 2:00. I think she will like the first house. It is perfect
for her. I love it.

Anyway...that is about it.

For today.

I ate too much.