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2016-02-08 15:42:29 (UTC)

After the Super Bowl....

My team won with much grace indeed. John Elway was there to hold up the winning trophy and said THIS ONE IS FOR PAT! What a treat...I know he was referring to the owner...but as much as I have been hoping they would win, I could not help myself from posting that on FB and responding THANK YOU JOHN! at the bottom. LOL

These people round here are so disappointed. I am not going to rub it in. They are embarrassed by the way the whining ass CAM NEWTON acted in his post game interview. What a spoiled brat! They taught him well how to be a winner, but failed horribly at teaching him how to lose gracefully. I tried to warn every one that the Broncos' defense would hold the Panthers back. And they did. Cam was sacked so was hard to watch.

I was up early today working on address labels for myself this time.
I am going to the post office soon to mail about 100. I am already
out of post cards.

I created one for the boss to use in his town....and may create one for
my daughter...and another one for me. So far, no one has been able
to help me order get estimates. The dumbing down of our people here is apparent. I gave up on it. Turned that over to her. She will probably do nothing. So far I have only heard she is waiting for them to call her back.


I have three sheets of addresses in one of our highend
I can keep it up for a I only have one side of that neighborhood. I just wanted to put labels on the post cards...
so I can take them to PO to see if they can put them through some sorting thing to stamp them...or if I have to buy stamps...
this was something else I was supposed to do. Doing it today.

Then, until I hear back from them...I will just keep making labels...
for this area ...

I figure I should not mail but about 100 a week. Too many might cause too many calls at once.....LOL NOT!

My legs and feet are throbbing so much pain.

this may be an Alieve day.....