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2016-02-08 06:22:53 (UTC)

Something i never thought about.

Mood: Thoughtful
Song: Islands in the stream By Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
Color: Pink

So you know the most likely to's in year books? what are those called? superlatives?
Guess that sounds really weird haha cause everyone knows what those are right?
well i didn't have those in my year books.

I was Home Schooled for my whole Education from Kindergarten through 12th grade But i lived in an area where There were alot of people Home schooled their kids...so i got to do things like Field trip and classes like Photography, Basket ball, Writing, and Choir.
That alot of home schooled kids don't get to because they don't live in an area where there are alot of people home school.
And through that group i got to have a normal High school Graduation and i had a year book every year starting in Fifth Grade.

My graduating class was admittedly a small one...(even By Home school group standards...)
so when i say the number you who went to public schools even small one's will probably be shocked by the size of my graduating class...
Drum roll please? .....................

My graduating class, class of 2012 was four
and are you ready for more of a shock i was the only girl.
Me and three guys were the class of twenty twelve lol.

I remember getting my senior pictures done and planning out graduation and Getting to speak at it.
The after party and just being really happy and proud.
I still see that as one of the great days in my life.

But yeah our yearbook didn't have Superlatives in them.
I don't know if they do now or not...as i'm no longer in school.
I felt lucky to have a year book at all let alone have all the normal stuff other schools yearbooks have...I haven't thought about this litterally until just now...
at 11:40pm Feb 7th 2016 almost four years after i graduated.

So i'm going to try to do the Superlatives now... Just with the four in my class.
I'll have to look some up...
Here we go!

So just doing some random ones and i'm only using first name here of who i think fits the "Most likely to" the best.

1. Most likely to Be your boss.
(this actually almost happened... -_-)

2. Most likely to be late to their own wedding.

3. Most likely to be a celebrity?

4. Most likely to win the lottery but lost the ticket?

5. Most likely to get married first.

6. Most changed since 9th grade?

7. Most likely to succeed?

8. Most likely to get out of here?

9. Most out going.

10. Most Musical

11. Best Hair

12. Best Smile

13. Most Original

14. Most likely to be caught texting

15. Most likely to become president.

16. Most determined?

17. Most likely to not care what people think?

18. Most likely to be a gossip?

19. Class Clown

20. Most creative

yeah that was weird...
trying to look back and think of how things were then...