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2016-02-07 21:39:19 (UTC)

Some Struggle Honestly

Mood: Happy
Song: Thank you for being a friend By Andrew Gold
Color: Pink
Writing challenge day 7 Feb 7th: Something you struggle with.

okay so...The first thing that popped into my head for this prompt... isn't something i feel comfortable sharing on the net.
so sorry for that...Usually i'm very honest on this diary and would write things i'd never say out loud. haha
But today for this prompt i'm going to talk about Trust and Change.

Something i struggle with is Trusting people...
on one hand i'm super paranoid and when a friend hurts me or lies to me it's really really hard for me to let it go and just drop it.
even after it's over and we are good...i still think about it and i still have the urge to check up on what said person said or did...
it's something that's gotten me into more pain than it's worth...
twice i've secretly looked at a friends phone to see what they said.
it's not something i'm proud of and usually i end up feeling worse one because i broke the friends confidence and two because i was usually right to check because they did lie or did say something about me and i can't confront them about it with out incriminating myself. -_-

So last week when i was tempted to look at a friends phone i didn't and i'm trying.

Change is also a hard one...i struggle alot with it.
it's just one of those things that i hate and i do it...but i do it figuritively kicking and screaming the whole way as you can probably tell if you've read my diary over the past year...

anyways that's all for now.