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2016-02-07 21:21:32 (UTC)


Mood: Content
Song: Perfect by Pink (The Glee Version)
Color: Pink

There was a moment today and i felt the shift the moment where i felt like i could be okay here at FBCG.... the moment where i had a small bit of acceptance for where i'm at.
Change it hard...and the circumstances of 2015...will probably always hurt...
but i'll survive i'll be okay. I'll make it through and i'll have people in my life that will be there for me and i'll be there for him.
and i don't think that will ever change.
I see my friends two days a week and i talk to them in between and in some ways it's more than it was when i lived closer.
You never know what you've got till it's gone they say...but i don't think i'm ever going to lose this.
It's not perfect...
we all have our moments and our fights and our issues...but if and when worst comes to worst we will untie we will stand and that stand will be together.
Brandon and Brandyce and Tristan have decided to start coming to FBCG in the mornings.
That makes me so happy...it makes me feel more at home here... Because this Town and FBCG aren't my home...my friends and family how ever are and with them here...it makes all the difference.
I love them i love them all with all my heart.
I'm accepting my place maybe.
God just show me the way.