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2016-02-07 02:21:11 (UTC)

Saturday night....waiting on SB

This week did not drag by like I thought it would. I am looking forward to the super bowl tomorrow. Everyone here are very syked. I love the Broncos, they are my favorites...I have been a big fan of them ever since John Elway played for them. Started loving football back then in those good ole days. I am getting ready to see them play a team that the whole darn country has fallen in love with. The colors are awesome...the quarter back is a super star already....and a damn movie starring Sandra Bullock was done about a player on the that can we do? SCREAM TO HIGH HEAVEN and feel grateful that the Panthers finally have a team full of great people. I am syked too.

But I do love Peyton Manning and it will be fine with me to watch him bring home a win too.

It will be the best Super Bowl played in a very long time.

Something the country needs real bad......

something I need.