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2016-02-06 23:56:02 (UTC)

Songs right now

Mood: Bored
Song: once a time in New York city by...? disney?
Color Peach
Writing challenge day 6 Feb 6th: 10 songs your really liking right now

in no particular order here are some songs i've been listening to alot lately.

1. You and me by Lifehouse

2. Vianna By Billy Joel.

3. Welcome to the Future by Brad Paisley

4. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (the Glee version)

5. Follow me by Unkle Kracker

6. Gold Forever by The Wanted.

7. Two is better than one by Boys like Girls.

8. Enough for now By the Fray

9. Troubodor By George Strait

10. Eye's wide open By Sabrina Carpenter

there you go.