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2016-02-05 18:01:56 (UTC)

Win my heart?

Mood: Okay...ugh.
Song: Crazy by stars go dim.
Color Orange
Writing challenge day 5 Feb 5th: Five was to win your Heart.

It's weird that these prompts keep landing on days where the prompt has something to do with an issue actually going on and i don't really eel like writing about it.
But i'm determined to see this though to the end.
and today's romantic issues aren't really my own but the kinda connect to my own it's with a friends of mines Ex he's a jerk...(i liked his brother)
so when thinking of one of them it's hard not to thing of the other? is that weird?
ugh anyway...
I'm going to be happy and i'm going to list five ways someone could win my heart in no particular order.

1. Be a Christian...be a genuinely Godly man who loves God more than anything,

2. Make the first move...be open about your feelings.

3. Get along with my family and friends.

4. Be willing to Grow with me.

5. Be loyal.

This isn't called for but i'm going to list at least ten things.

6. Write me notes or letters.

7. Be honest.

8. Make me laugh.

9. Be yourself...not fake.

10. Pray with me.

okay guys that may seem like a weird list... i even think it's kind of scattered my self...haha i'm not really into this today.
Thinking about it is making me sad....I had to change the song i was listening to....
anyways I hope your Love life is going better than mine.
What are ways for a person to win your heart? ladies and gentlemen?