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2016-02-04 19:48:49 (UTC)

Five for traveling?

Mood: Annoyed.
Song Budapest by George Ezra
Color: sunset orange.
Writing challenge day 4 Feb 4th: Five places you want to visit and why.

I want to visit so many places but I'll write the first five that pop into my head so in no particular order here we go five places i want to visit.

1. Australia.
Because i have friend there and because it's one of the continents i haven't been to yet.
also because it's always been a cool place in my mind.
it's beautiful.

2. South America.
Maybe spesiclly Brazil or Ecuador.
Because the culture will be nothing like i've ever experienced before culture shock in a whole new way.
also because it's also a Continent i haven't been to yet. I've been to four out of seven though.

3. Southampton UK
Because my other penpal is from there (even if he doesn't live there now) I want him to show me where he grew up and all that.
and also because of the Titanic History that is so cool!

4. Israel.
The Biblical History, the beauty.
I think it would just be amazing.... there wouldn't be words for it.

5. Russia
The history. The culture, the beauty. i don't think i really even to explain this one at all. lol.

Okay those are five places i want to go.
what about you? what are five places you want to travel to?