My Letter To The World
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2016-02-04 06:27:04 (UTC)


mood: Okay
Song: Eye's wide open by Sabrina Carpenter.
Color: Purple

Random questions i have with no answers.

1. Do you visit his grave? do you think of him, of us on the day you killed him? or on our Birthday?

2. Who are my brothers?

3. What am i doing with my life?

4. Why is letting go and being here with FBCG so hard?

5. When will i find love?

6. How in the world did Tanveer end up?

7. Why is Miley Cyrus such and idiot?

8. Why is natures first green Gold?

9. Will Emma become a Doctor like she says? i hope so i hope she aims high and takes on the world...cause she can beat it.

10. Will she ever hate me?

11. Will there ever be more history with Charming?

12. Will Robert and Josh ever change?

13. What will become of the kids and all of us?

14. What's my purpose?

15. Will i ever go to Australia to see Zoe?

16. How much time do i have with the one's i love?

17. When will any area of my life feel normal again?

18. What now?

19. Will i meets some new friends?

20 Would getting a job here in town be a good idea?