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2016-02-04 04:02:43 (UTC)

Where am i coming from?

Mood: Confused.
Song: silence
Color Dark purple.

He's taking the FBCG youth to winter jam...he's teaching their SS class.
He's doing good things but he's also doing them and it's weird to me because he openly says that teenagers aren't his thing and then volenteers to be their teacher and take them on a trip.
like what the heck!
you did things like drive the bus and stayed at FC for like a night or two but you always said you had other things, other resposibility's and with a new church you have to look good.....
I'm confused by my own feelings.
I feel...Jealous and betrayed for the kids...cause he's taking an even closer position to the youth here than he did there and i'm just like what the heck?!?!?

what about the kids?
what will they think?
I'm sure as hell not mentioning it to anyone.

I feel like crying when i think about this...but what can i say?
That it's weird of him to do this?
that it's weird he'd do this for them but not the Kids?
The FBCG youth asked him for a SS class. what was he supposed to say? no?
course not...but still.
I don't know where i'm coming from with all this.
i don't know what exactally i'm feeling.
I'm confused.

and i don't know where i fit in all this...
I don't want to work with the youth here...but i also want an in and to belong.
this sucks.