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2016-02-03 21:37:33 (UTC)

Pet peeves

Mood: Excited/Nervous
Song Why not By Hilary Duff.
Color: Magenta
Writing challenge Day 3 Feb 3rd: Top 3 Pet Peeves.

okay so i'm in such a good mood right now haha(see previous entry if you'd like to know why) but now i have to talk about my top three pet peeves and that's kinda annoying in of it's self... but i don't think anything is going to sour my good mood until i'm told my master plan(also previous entry) would not ever happen, so lets hope that doesn't happen yeah?
Anyway yeah my top 3 pet peeves are probably these as follows:

1. Lying/Liars.
I hate being lied to, lied about, or people lying over stupid things... i mean theres never a good reason to lie... but there are people who chose to lie when they don't need to.
they lie just because they can.
it annoys me greatly.

2. Getting your hopes up to watch them crash.
Everyone hates this feeling so i've seen quotes and heard people say that if you have no expectation you never get let down...
But i think to live that way would be incredibly sad :(
I just don't have the ability to not get my hopes up about things...
i am a hopeful person.
and i'd rather hope and be let down than not hope at all.
but the pet peeve here i guess is to really really hopeful for something and to be Let down.
it's still better than not having hope at all.

3. Silent treatment.
I hate people giving me the silent treatment or just walking away when we are in an argument.
It's lack of comunication and lack of closure.
I'd rather scream, yell and talk it out then leave it hanging for any amount of time...
but i'm also learning that sometimes some space is a good thing *shrugs* it's both.

okay so those are my top 3 pet peeves.
what about you? what are your's?

all for now.
I hope you have a beautiful day people.