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2016-02-03 21:22:02 (UTC)

Time to Scheme

Mood: excited/ Secretive
Song: The tide is high By atomic kitten.
Color Magenta.

Okay what do you give the person who has everything they could want and want's nothing but what they have?
the person who is content.

Today i spent hours with my grandma talking and just being with her we cooked and just spent time together talking about everything.
She's not perfect and she does some crazy things and has done somethings that have made me angry at her.
but i love her and she's doing well and i want to remember her always the way she was today.
I took a secret picture... and only one person knows.
i think it's perfect.

I know what i want to do for her.
for her birthday which is this month but it will be a late birthday present if i can work it out...it won't be easy but it's what i want to do for her.
I can't think of anything that would be a better present for her.
I want to Have Alyssa come here.
I want her to visit and i wand Darren to let her and i want my grandma to have that time with her that time that she's missed that time that she's craved.
I've always been a little jealous of GS's favoritism toward TJ and Alyssa and i don't think she even notices that she does it.
but i want her to be happy and i know that if this plan works she would be so happy.

I picture in my head secretly flying Alyssa out here picking her up and bringing her to the house me going into grandma's office to get her... like blind folding her or just having her close her eyes and leading her into the front room and then having her open her eyes and Alyssa would be standing in front of her.
i bet she'd cry and run and hug her and i just...once i had that picture in my head i've been able to think of nothing else then making it happen some how.
Maybe sprig break? or this summer?
the thought is making me so excited and i can't stop the rush of adrenaline that's going though my veins.
I'll neen mom and dad's help cause i don't even know if darrin remembers me!
I'll need to get the numbers off of Grandma's phone and then figure out a few more details like where exactly in California are we talking about and when is Her spring break and will Darren Cooperate?

Please please please....
God can you help me work this out for her?

Okay it's time to Scheme...