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2016-02-02 05:56:43 (UTC)


Mood: Imaginative
Song: Troubador by George strait.
Color Yellow.

So i just want to say...
the recent entry's by my friends won't be a normal thing but i want those entry's for me...i want the record.
just because things are always changing always moving on.
and that's why i have guest writers.
Every once and a while perhaps i'll have guest writers again. idk. just depends.
btw Give it away by Gorge strait is so SAD! (and it's not like i haven't heard the song before cause i have...i guess it's just different songs hit you at different times maybe?

I'm making up a story in my head again right now... all the different ones that I've made up and continued over the years have all been inspired by a song...different one's like the current one i'm thinking of is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and the story is...well nothing like what and who that song is actually written about but i think that's okay.
i mean i think that shows the uniqueness of people how they can hear or see something and get something completely different out of in than another person would.

I've never actually written down any of these story's... they exist only in my mind...
the only person in the whole world that knows they exist at all until this point...is me.
and i'm the only one who's ever going to know the story's content.
it's something i do when i'm bored.
people wonder how i can entertain myself and not go crazy with boredom in some situations... well that's how i do it.
i make up stories...i have novels in my head that just go on and on... several series worth...
and well it's entertaining because the story hasn't played out yet... i'm still...waiting to see where i take it.
like reading a great book.
Does anyone else do this?( or am i just...some crazy weirdo?)

I actually like country music. i like songs that tell stories.
(not that that's just country music...but it's more common in country music.)
i'm one of the only person in my group of friends that like's it.
but i don't care.
a good song is a good song no matter what type of music it is new and old.
I like a little bit of it all.

I got into a conversation today about persecution...
they were all for willing to be persecuted for what they believe in and even said they wanted it.
to be counted in the people that stood for Christ.
and i agree...i would stand for my faith and not back down even if it costs me my life. Honestly.
but that doesn't mean i want to be persecuted. and that was my argument with them i guess.
my point is no one wants to be persecuted.
they were confusing willingness and want.
which are to totally different things.

There are somethings i would die for...
1.My faith.
2.My family.
3.my friends.
4.My country.

What would you die for?

I'm sucking at this trivia Crack game...

I need some water bad i feel like i'm dying haha... ugh but i have to go down stairs for a bottle of water -_-
I'm tired.

Oh my gosh!
I'm having teeth falling out dreams again and they seem so really i literally woke up this morning saying it's just a dream it's just a dream it's just a dream.
ugh...these dreams are so real and they creep me out so much!
like my teeth falling a part in pieces...ewww!
they say teeth falling out dreams are common for people.
same as being naked in public and falling...
but the meaning behind teeth falling out dreams is insecurity. -_- thank you my subconscious for pointing out the obvious in the worst way possible.
i hope the dreams stop soon.
those among the other nightmares.

okay so sorry for the random topics of rambling...