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2016-02-01 22:25:09 (UTC)

A day to myself....alone finally

I did not like it.

I got up and rode to the eye doctors be told by the
over paid receptionist that my prescription is still good until
July and I can still order contacts...if that is what I wanted to
do. Oh, uh, okay.

Dumb bitch. She could have taken the time to look at all that
and tell me when we spoke. I could have stayed n my pajamas....

anyway...I was dressed...did not have on much make up...but still
did not feel like walking around much. Went to the grocery store
to pick up a few things I needed to prepare dinner this evening.

I am not sure what time he gets home. Usually he is working at
night, sleeping during the day. This was the first day in over
two years I was actually here alone during the day.

I ordered my soon as I got home.
I may just find another doctor. I am sick of this
one. Can never get anything right. Those glasses I
got...can not see shit with them. Wasted over 200 bucks!


It should have been a treat to be here alone. But it was not.

My chest hurts. The x-ray showed nothing wrong with my lungs.
This must be sore muscles from all the coughing I have done since
before Christmas. I feel pretty much over all that though. Just
sore. I took an aspirin around noon. That seems to help a little.
I am so is unbelievable.

I did not feel comfortable being here alone. But I managed.

I have dinner cooked. I cooked polish sausage, with onions,
garlic, peppers and mushrooms with kale. I usually use cabbage
but used kale this time. Smells good too.

I am just about ready to go put on my pajamas.

nothing much was done today.....

I did search for some property to send one of my buyers..
she finally sent me a preapproval letter so I know
her budget.

We got our last document today for the I can
go work on getting them prepared too....maybe tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow...will be better...