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2016-01-31 22:11:06 (UTC)

Kamber's Facts

Hello. My name is Kamber Calloway (follow me on instagram; @kambber) and I am a guest writer on Katie's blog. And here are 16 & a half facts about myself, because I turn 17 in two weeks.

1.) My middle name is Shay. (Rhymes with my last name. Neat, huh?)
2.) I surrender to the Lord.
3.) I am in a long-term relationship with my boyfriend, Andrew.
4.) My best friends are older than I.
5.) I am in my junior year of high school.
6.) My self esteem is something I have earned.
7.) I've learned that no matter how much I love anyone else, I ALWAYS have to put myself better.
8.) I think I'm hilarious.
9.) My favorite vegetable is a yellow bell pepper.
10.) I'm the real Slim Shady.
11.) My largest pet peeve is lying.
12.) I believe that I am beautiful, and I know my worth.
13.) I've always had a heart for New York, and I finally get to go in June of 2016.
14.) If I could, I would punch my younger self in the neck.
15.) I wear a size 8 shoe.
16.) I figure I am a unique individual. Just like everyone else.
17.) I have already had