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2016-01-30 04:20:45 (UTC)

Staring at walls tired.

Mood: Exhausted
Song: Love like Woe By Ready Set
Color: Army Green

I can't EVEN!

I'm literally so tired right now and i cannot stand the thought of any more of Peppers Drama...Roller coaster emotions manipulation and backlash the last 7 days with her Issues...have just been Exhausting.

i literally do not have the emotional energy to deal with this stuff right now i just don't and boundry's and walls have been put up.
But that old faithful forgiveness and acceptance kicked in after i cleaned my room and showered with listening to good music...
The old faithful loyal never give up on your frieds thing kicked in...and while i am no where near okay...I told her i forgave her...and i meant it.
I'm trying.

I think i'm going to try and write something and get my feelings out after i finish this entry and post the finished poem i wrote.

we'll see.

maybe i'll write another poem i have some lines in my head right now.

I don't want to have friendships like this...drama Attacks backlash manipulation hypocrisy...
It doesn't feel any different from my past friendships with Selfie and Shaemas.
It's the same and that depresses me greatly... -_- like you don't even know.
ugh i need a life.
I need to get out of here god i want to travel somewhere right now there is this intense longing to just escape for a little while... Please?

Okay enough complaining.

Also side note
I got asked out by a random guy who was on top of a mountain because i whistled at him....
haha my life.

*shakes head*