My Letter To The World
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2016-01-28 17:04:13 (UTC)


So i think i want to just list some Lyrics,Poems, and quotes right now...things that matter things that are important to me.
Things that go with my mood right now.

"well it's just another morning glory
One more twist inside this wild ride
another chapter in the story
But i can't hide the way i feel inside!
Cause i'm a stranger in a strange land
and i'm a million miles from my home
If i gotta take my life stand...
I won't stand alone.
-I won't stand alone By Johnny Pacar

I don't want to get to the end of anything anymore,
I only want beginnings.
First sentences striking like matches on the roof of my mouth.
Igniting like the first fires on earth.
-First Fires by Dorothy Schultz.

For everything there is a season and i time for every purpose under that sun.
Ecclesiastes 3:1