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2016-01-28 15:18:18 (UTC)

Thursday Cleaning like a Monday

I usually clean somewhat on Mondays. But not this week. So, today
I felt like it more. Got some cleaning done. It always feels good
to sit back and see the results of my efforts.

I finally have some real buyers interested and ready to start looking.
This is great. I can pay off my HSN card. I hate maxing that thing
out...but I have done it twice. Time to pay it off again.

My son told me last night he wants to sell his Ranger and start
looking for a bigger truck. He feels tight in that Ranger and
wants more head and foot room. Not sure how that will work out
but I have thought he needed a bigger truck for a while. He
is 6-2. Maybe a new truck will help him catch a girlfriend.

Preferably one with a good job and her own home...with a good
size garage....who likes to clean and keep things in order.
He does not. He does not clean, does not cook, does not do
drugs or drink either. Never been in any kind of trouble.
He would be a good catch for some lucky woman.....but usually when
a man is 35 years old, they end up with a woman with baggage and
drama for a while. He is careful about that stuff I guess.
Not for him.

Anyway...there has to be good woman out there wishing for someone
like him.....too bad they have not met. I would be the best
never in their business mother in law.....
she would love me for raising such a great guy. Everyone
walks away happy. YEAH.....

A MOM can dream.

Especially after cleaning up his room.....