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2016-01-26 23:30:01 (UTC)

Whoa we are getting things done...

Not what I would like to get done, but he is going back to work
this coming Monday...going tomorrow to pee in a cup. YEAH!

I am so happy.

I rode to the mall today to get my handicap tag. Temporary...only
good for three months. Whatever....I was putting my life in danger
to go there. Someone was shooting the place up yesterday...shooting
at cops. Ended up though jumping over a wall and falling 25 feet.

I walked into Dillards for a while before leaving. The ladies
department was vacant...not one other person but me..on the entire
floor from what I could tell. I wondered are these people still
hiding in the storage room or under the counters? I saw nothing
that I wanted bad enough to walk all over the store looking for
someone to ring it I left.

I was disappointed that tag was only temporary. Only lasting for
three months. Seriously? I could barely walk to my damn car...
after that short time.

He is cooking today. I am just taking it easy.

Next week, he will be on the first shift. It will feel odd
with no one here...that has not happened in a very long time.

I made some old fashion hot cocoa this afternoon with marshmallows.
I remember a church class I was in while maybe in 4th grade. We went
to the teachers house once a month and she made hot cocoa. It
as good. Today, ours was good too.

Let me know if anyone wants the recipe. It is easy.
And you know what is in it....unlike the instant kind.