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2016-01-26 07:47:40 (UTC)

Twenty one for fun

Mood: Anxious
Song: Ronan By Taylor Swift
Color: Light blue

So this is just one of those random writing prompts just for fun.
Just for something to write to gain some sanity in the craziness and to keep my mind off the obvious sketchy things that i'd rather not think of....like my last entry for instance.
This is One fact about me for every year I've been alive and I'll try to think up thing you don't already know about me from this diary.
okay lets go!

1. I Love having penpal's
I've had several over the years probably talked to 6-7 people form different country's since i was 17-18
but I've kept 2 correspondence up faithfully and have two very good friends
Zoe From Australia who i've known for about four years she's Amazing and a really special person to me. She's brilliant.
Jay from the UK
who i've known for 2 years now he's a nurse and a great guy with the worst luck in the world...
but i love him like a brother and my family does as well.
He's one of those i wasn't sure was going to work out but it did and i'm so glad.

2. I love to travel.
I've been in:
Thailand Chang Mai and Mai Hung sung)
North Korea(8 hour lay over)
Tanzania Africa
Amsterdam lay over)
Cozumel Mexico
And many many many places inside the USA

so like 8 country's 4 out of 7 continents many many states ect.

3. I have Insomnia Issues....
as is proof by the fact that it's almost one Am and i'm not even half way through this list.

4. I have Prophetic dreams, I've seen Visions...and I can see Auras.
which is scary and crazy for me to admit because it's not something i talk about alot and only a few people know...specially about the last bit about seeing Auras...
Mine is currently Light blue...which for me has to do with anxiety at the moment.

5. Guilty pleasure music for me includes:
Old Taylor swift.
Jonas Brothers
we the kings
Counting crows
The fray
Demi Lavato
The carpenters
Billy Joel
Goerge Strait

6. I like to brush my hair in the shower before rinceing out my conditioner.

7. I love the idea of the classic Red lip stick and Dark eyeliner look.
which i pull off surprisingly well with the brown eyes and copper hair, pale skin.

8. I'm a tom boy I like hands on and would rather play a sport than go shopping.
I can't have long fingernails because i can't do anything if they are long if they are painted at all it's usually one of thee colors Green, silver, or black.

9. My favorite colors are:
Emerald Green(which is the color i choose for my class ring when i graduated.

10. As far as past popular fandom's i am:
Gryffindor Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and then Slytherin In J.K Rowlings test. Which means that i Favor Bravery and Loyalty first.

I am Divergent but i score highest in Abnigation and Candor
which means i favor selflessness and honesty First.

I was always a on the side of Team Edward(i liked twilight before it was cool and long after it became lame again haha)
Pet peeve when it comes to this:
when people talk about couples in a fandom they seem to pair the person up with who they like better or who they think is more attractive...
I always try to when choosing a favored pairing choose who i think would be better with the other character not me!
so...i always choose team Edward because Edward is better with Bella.
(and that has nothing to do with the fact that i would choose Jacob for myself....as a character.)
i think Katniss is best with peeta
I think Eragon should have Ended up with Arya.

11. I'm a book nerd if you have't noticed...
SO if you have any you think i should read recommend them( no i do not just read teen fiction)

12. I've recently started watching a little Amime...

13. I still like to color and draw.

14. I'd rater have a job that was harder work and less hours and more pay than a job that was more hours less pay but less work.
( if that even makes sense at all...)

I've over the past year or so got into watching different Youtubers and often fall into the youtube vortex and you've watch for like hours...

16. I got my drivers license at 18 not 16 like most people.

17. I graduated High school at the age of 17 unlike most people i know who graduate a little older at 18 or 19 even.
And bonus fact: I was Home schooled.

18. Driving places i don't know well gives me anxiety.

19. for the longest time i had an irrational fear of using my debit card...because i didn't know how to swipe it right.( yes i'm weird!)

20. These are some of the most attractive men in my opinion in no particular order:
1. Paul Wesley
2. Josh Hutcherson
3. Daniel Radcliffe
4 Taylor Launtner
5. Lucas Gabriel

Bonus: Five most beautiful Women in my opinion in no particular order:
1. Emma Watson
2. Lucy Hale
3. Emma Stone
4. Nina Dobrev
5. Blake Lively

21. I'm actually finially tired almost an hour later and after being interrupted from this entry 3 times....
so i'm going to actually try and sleep.
bonus: I'm a Christian and i'm praying for the users of this sight.