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2016-01-26 00:54:38 (UTC)

Melting snow...Monday

When I look at the neighbors yards, it looks like the snow is
melting so fast...should be gone soon. Although just as though
Mother Nature is sending a nasty message to me, out yard, front
and back is still white...and looks like freshly covered snow.
Whatever....maybe the rain later in the week will get rid of it.

I am so happy the Broncos will be in the Super Bowl. Playing
the Panthers...who have a stadium so close to my house, I could
walk to it if I wanted too....It will be a great super bowl game.

I will be pulling for the Denver Broncos. Been a fan every since
Elway was the QT...and they played against the Miami Dolphins
and Dan Marino....I stay loyal.

If the Panthers win...fine. Probably good for the area...
I will never hear the end of it....

Today...he went to the store and brought back a message from
one of the ladies that work there. He gave her my card when
she was talking about needing a realtor. So, maybe soon I will
have another buyer. So far, I have a few but I am still waiting
on pre-qualification letters before we get started.

I am still having a very hard time staying on my feet for long.
But I will struggle through it if I must. Still hoping to
get a call from my doctors office to come get one of those new
shots. I am ready for it.

Anyway...that is about it....

for today