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2016-01-22 23:08:01 (UTC)

Not that important after all...

I did talk to my husband and the ex-bff situation. He is not to
happy with all the running around and back and forth I did for her
and her treating me the way she did. Sometimes it takes second set
of eyes and memories to help put things together....

he recalls the long conversations where she would discuss her
cousins, aunts, uncles, and high school buddies that she takes
on and on about as if they all involved in her daily life...
well, fact is, they were not. We were. He told me with all the
issues I have with my relatives and the situation growing up
without being around any of is probably not a good
idea to have someone talking so much about their relatives and my life anyway...he said that started bothering
me especially when my biologicals started showing life
was not like that...and nor is it now. It never will be.

Anyway...he could see how those talks reminded me of how I
just did not have the luxury of being close to cousins or
aunts and uncles...and reminded me that not all people are.
It is not unusual at all. He is not close to his cousins..
or aunts and uncles...when he married his first wife, his life
was all about his in-laws. When his mom and dad past away...
it was less and less about his side of the family. This is
the same type of story many of us share, especially at this

She has no kids. He felt she was bitter that I did. And I have
to agree. She threw it up when she was down...that I had him
and the kids...and she had no one. Until she started talking
about all the people she did have....which I was ok she had
them...and reminded her how lucky she was that she did...
I don't. It is simple

She is addicted to pain medicine. That is her problem. I tried
to help. She did not want my help. I can do nothing.

My other friends who know her feel the same way. It is very
hard for any of them to answer the phone when she calls them.
It is the same way with them as far as the long drawn out
conversations. She can always call her cousins...even if
they do not pick up...they will call her back.

Whatever. It was good to see that he actually understands
something...and lets me know that he is paying attention
to some things.

But this is just not that important to us....not our business.
She spent three marriages and divorces where her and I had lost
touch....because of facebook, she got in touch about 7 years
ago. Not really a lot of time to be concerned about.
Not important anymore.

Although I wish it had ended on a better note.