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2016-01-21 21:07:36 (UTC)

Storm on the way - NOT!

Usually around here when they talk about the storm constantly, and
everyone runs to the store to get everything there....I mean seriously,
there is no meat in the grocery store....cause most likely everyone
with foodstamps went and got it all. Can you believe it?

My husband left here to go pick up a kerosene heater just in case
we need it. I was going to go get one myself. Had already checked
to see who had one and agreed to pay for it myself. But cheap ass..
said he would go to home depot and pick one up instead.

When he got home without one....knowing the old one up in the
building has not been used in several years....and might not work
now...he said..."oh...we probably won't need one, but if the
power goes out, I will go up to the building and get it...I did
get some kerosene just in case".

Like he needs to be walking on ice....he is such an idiot.

I will get one myself.....I will order one and have it delivered.
If I need one, I will have one.

But most likely he is correct....all they have talked about...
is the pending winter storm.....coming our way. We may get
freezing rain...but I doubt we will get much else. Seriously...
we have been through this before. Once I was ready for snow...
how disappointed I was when I looked out the window the next snow.....nothing.

Reminds you of those Christmas's when you hoped for a pony and
no pony. Disappointment you never forget.

Got the results from chest x-ray. Nothing unusual showed up....
so it is normal. Thank goodness. As much as I was smoking...
I was fearing the worse.

So, now...I can focus on getting rid of the congestion and
try to start feeling better.

Hard to do with this knee though. I need to lose weight too.
That damn shot I got last week had not worked this time..
at all. Last time it worked at least four weeks. I am
screwed. fireplace.
No ambulance will be able to come pick his stupid
ass up if he falls out there trying to get to the old kerosene
heater......if he actually goes out there. Hell, he will
probably tell us to get under blanket till the power comes
back on.....he is not as smart as I once thought.

Nor am I for being here in this hell........

never ending hell