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2016-01-20 22:24:32 (UTC)

Let it snow...let it snow

I got up today and made a large crock pot of vegetable/beef soup and
a cake of cornbread. It has been snowing off and on all day....still
not really sticking much. But there is more to come....

lets get this shit over with...

It smells good in here. But last night was even better...
I cooked a large pan of cooked cabbage/sausage with onions
mushrooms, smelled like the Fair....

two days n a row I have cooked....

my knee feels like crap....already.

Using the cane again. I think when they call to do that
flex shot...they should be scheduling surgery. I do not
want to end up and have to do have both of them....done
at the same time.