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2016-01-19 22:45:55 (UTC)

14 years later....

Whoa...I finally picked up the certified letter from our local
PD. Today, I rode there to pick up my gun. They have had it
in their evidence room for 14 years along with a hunting knife
that was also confiscated the night I was pulled a
ticket for having a concealed weapon along with a list of other
charges....which were later dropped. Police officer fired.


I have my damn gun

Something went well today. I talked to the officer for a while
about my knee. She was surprised it was hurting today after I
just got a shot last Thursday. Lord...the way she talked...
replacement was a nightmare. But she was a fat lady...
oh wait a am I?

Whatever. I need to do something before the other one needs it
too. But....I still got things to do.

I could refer out some business...but....but....
I would have to split my commission with that person.
Shit...I am going to have to split a 10k deal and only get
5k. Whatever....
of course that is the way things work out.

I want to get this I can get back to what I do best...
I want to work...make as much money as I can. I am sick of
this shit here.

Now, he is supposed to go to work next month. Fine....
for about 3 months. After that....Things better start
happening around here.....cause by then, we should have plenty
of money in the bank even if I have to share my commissions.
We shall see.

I could have enough this time next year to purchase my
own place.....he would be shocked.

My son is going to have to get his life together as well.
He needs to start saving his he will have it when
he needs stuff. My lord, he is 35 yrs old. Get it right dude..

I wish him to have a wife and start a family....
he would be a great dad. I see it in him....

Time for more changes...

looks like nothing is going to change round here until I
get this knee taken care of.

That is next.

14 yrs from now....I will be 77.

Oh man....

I mean old lady.

time flies by fast guys....

pay attention to your priorities....

make yourself important....on that list.