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2016-01-17 22:00:36 (UTC)

Ending and beginning confirmed.

Current Mood: Bitter/sweet?
Current Song: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry(covered by Glee) (it's so much better!)

Is't it funny that i knew this day was coming for at least a week and I was nervous and i was sad but i also wanted so much for it to work out.
He got the Job, he got the Vote 30 to 1 in his favor...haha yeah i'm not sure i'm for this yet...but for His sake i'm so happy it worked out for my family's sake i'm so glad it worked out.
They seem settled in and happy.
Maybe someday soon i will be to?

I was relieved when i heard about the vote and how it was easily beat almost 100 percent only one apposed. which was the guessed and hoped for outcome.
but i was also amazed by my feelings.
Happy, sad, relieved, worried...
I realized with him getting this new job, with this new start that what was...MSBC is really over...and i knew it was over i knew we couldn't and wouldn't go back... but something about having this new Church... it was just so final and i teared up but hid it well i think...it's just crazy how and ending and a beginning were confirmed and happened at the exact same time.
I'm still realizing that leaving the old one doesn't mean the old friendships end...they don't they will change but i will always have them.
and i think it's time to more forward...but i won't forget all the things that have made me who i am...all the people...
God give you what you need when you need it. that includes people.
I love you all...all the people that have been a critical part of my life and many pieces of me are just the product of you and everyone i see, maybe in this new situation i'll have new people who play a big part in my life...and maybe i'll play a part in there's as well...
I'm giving it a chance.

Mood: Anticipating
Song: Journey's Don't stop Believing.