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2016-01-17 14:28:22 (UTC)

Sunday Football Weekend

I stopped by one of friends house for a little while yesterday...
she loves the Greenbay Packers and I always try to pull for them
because she does. She is the girl I learned was related to my
foster family when her dad died. We call each other cousins...
although we are not blood related....

Anyway, she and I talked about my friend who had the back surgery.
She said she was heart broken that I and that one are no longer
friends. Said last time she talked to her, she sounded like she
was taken major medication...and not back at work yet. Still
slurring words and such. So I was correct that she has a problem
with taking too much of it.

I tried hard not to say too much. Just explaining things she brought
up so she had a better understanding of why I walked away from the
situation. I could have said more...but I did not feel that
was right to do.

I did not share that my biologicals were on death bed and I had
that too to deal with now...trying to avoid it is not an easy thing
when it is in your face.

Even if I was still friends with her ( the other one ) I would be
worried to be careful what I said to her since she thinks talking and running her mouth about people is the best way to keep friends. We
both agreed that her conversations were long, drawn out about people we do not know where she just keeps going on and on about one person right after another. She said that bothered her too, but she like me was just being a good listener and took it as part of who she is.

Well, turning on people is part of who she is also.

She actually turned on my cousin once and was talking about her
like she thought horrible things about her when she learned that
she and her ex used to be neighbors when he was married to his
first wife and my cousin was married and their kids played
together. She thought is was off when she learned this from her
ex and had not heard anything from my cousin. She was thinking
that they was something more to their relationship at the time...
maybe they had an affair or something...not so. I did not mention
that to her. So, I was not there to create more drama....
just explaining my part.

We can walk away from people that do not appreciate us. People who
turn on us when we have invested so much into helping them...just
because other people finally show up to help. I mean that is the
way I saw it going down. I was ok with walking away...the part she
did not understand was me blocking her number so she could not call me.

So, I did the best I could to explain it. She still thinks that
our other friend and I will work things out someday. I reminded her
of all times we both waited on the girl...and offered stories of
the times I did so myself....and she was very late or did not
show up at all. My own husband did not like that sitting
in my car waiting on her to show up to eat Mexican for over an hour.
I almost just left once and say nothing...she was on her way...I did
not leave my house until she said she was on her way to the damn
place...and we should have both got there at the same time...
she was over 45 minutes getting there. That is just one time...
many others.

Anyway, it was good to see my other friend yesterday. Her boyfriend showed up too....before I left to go home.

I came home...put on my PJ's and crawled in bed to watch that
Packers game...woke up at 1:00 am and walked in his den to ask
who won it....I fell asleep before it started.

My knee is starting to ache again.


Today is the Panthers game. Thank God they are playing during the
day. Maybe I can stay awake long enough to see it.