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2016-01-15 04:47:33 (UTC)

Busy day all day

We were both up early to get ready for our drive to Charlotte. I was
happy to finally get that shot. However, there was some confusion about what type it was. I thought they said last time it was a steroid shot, and this time it would be a cortisone shot. I was correct about not being about to get them but every three months. But the lady told me today that they are both the same shot. Maybe it was the person giving the shot, but the one today was brutal.

We discussed the new type of shot that is being advertised on tv. They said they would have to get it approved by my insurance company, then call me to come in. I can get three shots one week a part. They are some form of gel instead of a steroid. I am positive it is the steroid causing me to gain weight.

I have never been this heavy before. EVER!

We rode through Sonic Burger on the way home and got a milkshake. I have not had one in a long time. Been trying to watch what I eat these days, but today, it was like giving a kid a sucker for being good after getting shots. I deserved it.

While there, my phone started ringing. It was a realtor about my singlewide listing. She was showing it today. When I got home, I edited the photos and posted a new virtual tour on all social media that I am a part of. When I got home, I had an email from our showing service saying that it was scheduled to be seen today. Not even the same realtor that I had talked too. So, things are moving.

One of my old friends was posting on facebook that they needed a realtor. I sent her a message as soon as I saw it. She told me she had forgot that I was one, and I sent her a mortgage brokers contact information so she can see if she is qualified. I think most people are learning that when they start looking for something to rent, that it might be cheaper to buy. So, hoping to be helping her soon. She is
a sweetie. Have not seen her in a few years. A beautiful girl...although she is very sweet and does not even realize she is so beautiful.

My boss had me sending a lady property for next week, but I have not heard if she is qualified yet. I will not be showing her property if I do not have a letter and a signed agreement. I know how things work, but sometimes these people do not. I just have not felt like going through all the time it takes to explain things.

As soon as this knee stops throbbing and I can walk without a cane for a few weeks.....I will be back at it. I hate sitting around like I have been. I am sick of it. It is not me. I will get back to business...
just thought it would be later in the year.

My house is getting ridiculously cluttered again. I just have not felt like doing much. He actually went outside and put up a new mail box today. Now he claims he will be getting paint for the post it sits on and new numbers. But like always, I will believe it when I see it.
None of his other promises have taken place yet.......

and with my business picking back up...I will just stock pile some soon as this knee is straight....I am gone to the beach
or somewhere for a while. I will rent something for a month or two...
and just get out of here for a while.

At least that is my story, my plan. Hope so plan. LOL