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2016-01-15 00:10:08 (UTC)


Today's color is blue.
Current mood: anxious
Current song: Low day

Today is blue there is not another color that could describe today it is blue because i'm a little sad about the things that i can't change and i can't get the church out o f my mind...every time i think about it it makes me upset and it makes me miss...i don't know...feeling safe and like everything was going to be okay?
I miss the homeyness of the church...they way things used to be.
Today is also blue because it was calm and somewhat peaceful... it was uneventful as of yet but prayer meeting and seeing people have yet to happen...and well...things happen when you leave your house and be around people. imagine that?

part of me hopes for an eventful evening with some sort of excitement and complication...
part of me wishes nothing would happen so that i could just go home and sleep...
hmm sleep as much as i like it...it's been avoiding me like the plague lately..last night it took forever to fall asleep then i just kept waking up every so often.

I think I'm giving Granite a chance... against my better judgement... I'm going to try to help their church and their school