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2016-01-14 04:38:14 (UTC)

Strange Feedback

So after dinner tonight i went up to my room and decided i was going to draw(i used to draw all the time hat was it? 10 years ago? and then i fell in love with Photography and drawing was put on the back burner and i doodled and stuff through out those years of course and did a bit of tie dying and other creative things as well but mostly i focused on becoming a Photographer and most of my creative energy went into it and i loved it, still love it, always will love it.
And i'm good...really really good(not trying to sound braggish but just telling it like it is.)
but lately I've found myself at a loss because i haven't been able to do any photography our weather has been horrible storm and ice one after anther and i just haven't had the ability to take pictures or any good subjects to take pictures of.
SO Last week when i thought a friend of mine was going to die he was in a coma and in critical condition and all.
I couldn't be with him and i was just praying and waiting... and i started drawing again...
and I'm a alot better now than i was then.
But it's also been good therapy for me now...in a way that it never was back then.
Any way so tonight when i came up here and decided i wanted to draw i got my pencils out and my paper and i sat there and closed my eyes and just felt the strangest thing...
I felt like i could draw anything like i could change how people look at something, like i could create something beautiful... I felt powerful.
I felt the same way i do when i take pictures... Like i could change things like i can make a difference, like what i do is important and that it matters.
I never thought that anything but Photography would make me feel this way and that is what makes it strange.
But my mom always has said that if you are talented in one artistic area you are usually talented in others as well, like you have a main thing that your really good at but you have a creative eye and therefore you have the potential to be good at all kinds of artistic things.
i guess that's the truth.

I've needed the outlet.
and i think it's something i will continue even when the spring time comes and the weather is better and i can take pictures again...maybe i'll sketch the pictures i take??? who knows.

we'll see.

anyways if your reading this tell me this much... what makes you feel like you matter? like you can change things? like you can make people look at things differently? what makes you feel special and powerful? what do you use as an outlet? and...what has that outlet brought you through?