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2016-01-13 00:16:48 (UTC)

Looking up on a sad day

Man, what a day here. She cut my hair and it is very short. Still
not quiet like I wanted it. But it will do for now. I left there
rode through town looking for home for sale by owners. Saw none.
Came home to learn that one of my friends daughters has died. She
leaves behind small children. Not sure yet what happened. But will
know more tomorrow. My heart is breaking for her. I can not imagine
what she is going through.

This reminds me of when I was about 20 and my foster sister died.
She was 42 when she died. My daughter is around that age now, so I
suppose I am about my foster moms age when she went through all that.
I wish now I had been more help. I remember being upset and confused.
I was lost for a long time. I moved for a while too.

Later in the day, I got a call from a lady who owns a horse farm up
the road. She made an appointment for me to stop by there tomorrow
to see about listing it for her. I went ahead and got all the forms
ready, sign in car, lockbox, camera, everything is ready. This took
my mind off the other sad stuff. I talked to the boss about it..
and I am now hoping I get to list it. We need something in MLS.
That single wide an't moving. I am going to have to buy that
one myself to sell it. Hope not. But I would live in it.

that is it for today.

I have heard nothing from my daughter, my sister or anyone.

I am beginning to think that no one really likes me very
Which is fine.
If I win the lottery...I will remember this.