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2016-01-09 00:18:03 (UTC)

Heart break at 7 and at 21

I have realized an important lesson tonight something that i had not thought about this way in my entire life.

Emma(my 7 year old sniece) (niece turned sister)(that basically feels like my own child sometimes)
cried in my arms tonight over the loss of two pet cats.
we can't keep then and so they are being given to my cousin but Emma just realized and she started crying and was heart broken.
her words were "i'll miss then!" i like playing with them i wish they didn't have to go"
and i just held her and talked to her about allegies and how we can't keep them in the house and how they will be in a good home and how she will get to see them again when she visits her cousins.
she understand and she doesn't want the Cats to be stuck in an attic (where they are currently) for the rest of their lives.
she wants whats best for them even at 7.
but that doesn't take away the heartbreak and i hated seeing her cry and in seeing her cry i saw myself a younger me going through similar things and i also saw that heartbreak is heartbreak no matter how old you are.

The feeling is the same...
the circumstances around the feeling will change as you get older and experience different things but the heartbreak it's self is the same.

my heartbreak at 21 may be caused by something different but it is no more or less valid then the type Emma experiences at 7.

it's no more or less painful the difference is i think that younger people bounce back faster because they don't think to wallow or hold a grudge.
they feel what they are feeling and then they move forward.
they may handle it more mature and healthier than most adults do.

Emma is heartbroken over the loss of a pet.
I'm heart broken watching her be in pain
and that feeling is the same
That is heart break at 7 and at 21 and neither of the heart breaks could be avoided.
that's life... it's unavoidable in an imperfect world.
I just hope i will be able to hold her still in the future when she gets her heartbroken.
I love you Emma.
and i'm always here.