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2015-12-21 06:13:20 (UTC)

Good intentions.

A new year and so the resolution making craze is rising up in me.(yes in one of those people.)
I do believe in making resolutions and while I'm not good at it I also believe in keeping them.

Unlike last year where I made a long list and didn't keep most of it. I want to limit my list to 10 things and I want to stick to it and finish... I want to finish well.

So...as of right now here's what's on the list:

1. positivity Jar/Counted blessings.
Take a jar and everyday write something down that happened that was good, positive, funny ect...put them in the jar and at the end of the year look back on all that happened.

2. Read 50 books.
Reread books do not count toward the list of 50 but are fine to read.

3. Prayer Journal/Journal everyday.
Even if its short Journal everyday for 365 days.

4. Travel to a different country.
Anywhere anytime in 2016 preferably Australia.

5. Balance old friends while making new.
Keep up old friendships by not letting us fa alart while branching out here and making new friends and meeting new people. -_- ugh!

That's a for now the other give I have yet to decide on.
I will figure that out soon.
That's all for now.