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2015-12-15 18:35:08 (UTC)

Finally back....

Wow, been a while since I showed up here. Not that I have not attempted to be here. It has been taking way too long to get logged in to this site. Same thing in reading past entries. But today, I here I am.

I wanted to read my last post to see where we were.

My friends surgery has been over and so is our so called friendship.
She started reminding me of the days where I felt weird about things just like the lunch.

One, her cousin does not like driving in the City so instead of following us there that morning, she jumped in my car and rode. I had to sit for almost 2 hours in waiting room while her cousin was up with her...then they sent for me for about 10 minutes. She handed me her keys to her car/house and a small purse that had her credit card, drivers license and insurance card in it. The surgery lasted much longer than we were told, or the recovery part. We were up there about 12 hours waiting to see her afterwards. It was awful. I would have stayed with her all night, but her cousin was there and I took her back to her car. This is why she should have followed us. Then, I felt obligated to pick her up each day she went by once. It was very inconvenient.

When she was discharged, her cousin went to the mountains. I was left to hail all of the luggage to rehab and go back and forth there with all that and stuff she did not have with her.

It was a mess.

She asked for her debit card and I did not have it. She was sure that she gave it too me. I was a wreck looking for that damn thing in my car, my purse, her house, her car etc. My nerves were about shot when we finally found the purse she had left it in. For a while, I thought maybe someone swiped it. Again, my nerves were shot.

She wanted me to take her to physical therapy. I live two towns over. My knee got messed up and I could not walk. She was really only using me to take her to the PH appointments or to doctor to get meds. I was unable to do it any longer.

When I saw the state of her home and realized it was not set up for her return. She could not even get a walker beside of her bed to get to the bathroom. Clothes piled everywhere....I had to go through them while looking for that damn debit card....she had two dozen damn purses setting in her bedroom...barely could walk in there. The second bedroom was so full, you could not get in the door...bed was piled high with stuff. Ridiculous. I kept remembering all that time I had set aside to help her. She did not get anything done. It seriously confused me.

Plus, she was supposed to let us help her with house work when she came home. I would let her know each time I was going to be over there in her area so I could drop by to see her and or do things she may need to be done. Each damn time I called to tell her....oh no, she would say oh no you not need to come here...I got so and so coming by to do this or that. So, many times, she shut me down. It was clear I was only being used to take her to the PH appointments or back to the doctor.

When my knee got messed up....and I was unable to do it one day....she got kind of pissy acting about how she had no one to rely on....

I ended up almost having a breakdown trying to figure out why in the hell she said that...I was there for her so much.....I sent her an email and told her I needed a break for her. Blocked her damn number and defriended her on facebook.

My life was now mine again.

The long 4 hour or longer phone calls were no more.
My nerves were shot and it took time to get over all this.

I have not talked to her or saw her since. It just hurt my damn feeling way too much. And I am done with it....

I have a family to do things with....or to help me.

She has plenty of cousins and neighbors to help her...and her
dad. She was driving a car a couple weeks we had our blow up...
one of my friends told me. So, if she had been a little more
thankful instead of an asshole, this would never had been
necessary. However, I do not miss hearing the phone ring....
and putting it on speaker while she goes on and on and on
about people.....

hell, one time she called at 7pm and we talked till after 1am.
Or she talked.....who in the hell has that much to say?

Not me....and if she still does, she can say it too someone else.

I am done with it.

And she can use someone else.....not this girl anymore.