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2015-12-07 02:57:51 (UTC)

Will Sundays just be depressing now?

It's like every Sunday even if it starts out good or okay it just comes crashing down...they all feel weird and they all feel depressing since we left.
nothings normal.
and I just get really down and depressed and agitated on Sundays now...with out the Kids without the people that I got used to seeing for the past 13 years...
it's just not the same and I don't think i'll ever belong to any church the same way ever again...which is scary.
we were doomed from the start and we didn't even know it...
we were doomed to part and be gone and change yet all of us are just trying to hold on to it.
to the familiar to each other I heard the prayer Brandon Prayed "don't let us be broken up"
Can we just hold on?

"we were young, we were wild, we were half way free.
we were kids on the run on a dead-end Street
looking back in the rearview Mirror
you know the view used to be much clearer
But we'll laugh and we'll cry
till there's no more tears and tonight can
we just hold on to those 18 years.. 18 years..."