My Letter To The World
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2015-11-28 00:28:13 (UTC)

Just so you know

Just so you know i would trade this house this room all this space for things to be good at the church again for one more Sunday there with the kids.
I would trade this for that.

Just so you know I'd trade a million of my own happy moments to be the perfect daughter you want me to be. To be more like you were.
I would trade this for that.

I would trade a thousand of my deepest secrets if I could change the talk and rumors spread.
I would trade this for that.

I would trade my Joy for your sadness
I'd trade my accomplishments for your failure's.
I'd trade my my sight to make you see what I truely feel.
I'd trade tomorrow for a better today.
I'd trade my smile for your tears.
I'd trade my youth for your years.

I'd trade anything to make this right...
Just so you know.

I'd never lie about this...
Just so you know.

I'm giving up the fight...
Just so you know.

It took everything so I'd never cried...
Just so you know.

I love you even though you treat me like dirt.
Just so you know.