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2015-11-11 23:27:48 (UTC)

You make me smile

You guys make me smile.
you guys are the reason that i stuck around here this long...
you guys are still the reason i'm here.
You guys make my life worth living because you guys love me and put up with me at my worst and i do the same to you.
You guys make me smile and laugh when i know i'm going to cry.
You subject yourselves to games of "naked" even though you hate it just because you know i like the game just to cheer me up.
You are loyal to me and i am loyal to you.
you are loyal to my family.
We have spent the past 13 years of our lives together... loving, hating, crying, living, growing making memories and just doing life together and we have become family and that will never change and no time or distance will wreck it.
I love you guys and i will always think of you guys in the highest regard you will always hold a special place in my heart.
and i look forward to see what new adventures and new memories we make together in the future.
remember i'm always here if you need me...

Yours always,