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2015-11-01 21:11:20 (UTC)

Everything is about to change

One week that's all that's left to be here in this church.
One week left to be in this building.
One week left to say goodbye to the past 13 years.
One week left to endure the playing nice and fake genuine smiles.
One week left to get all my stuff from here.
One week left to say goodbye to the way things are.
One week left to be "home"

Everything is about to change.

It's hard to grasp the fact I will no longer go to church here.
It's hard to grasp the fact that I will no longer live in our house any more and that it will be bulldozed to the ground...all our hard work.
and it's not as if I haven't had time to get used to the idea of all this... this I've known for months all of this...
but now that it's down to the wire on the house...the church..
it's scary and a little not...real feeling. you know?
Today in church I was weepy...
today I just wanted all this to be over.
I still do...because I'm so tired off all this... and I'm tired of the anticipation of the changes coming.
just do it! rip the bandage off! let what may come already.

change begins when the pain of change becomes less then the pain of staying the same.

we've reached that point.

I'm so scared.
I'm so ready.