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2015-10-07 20:24:07 (UTC)


Could this week get any worse? bad things just keep happening to me.

Sunday: Church Betrayal
Monday: No energy so I just slept...and had horrible nightmares
Tuesday: Anxiety attack and Showed up at the wrong time for Photography gig then the people were a no show...ended up staying in town too late and got in trouble with the parents even though I'm an adult.
Wednesday: slept in too late woke up to my mom peeved had to go get gas with my last bit of cash, fell at the gas station hurt my wrist and hit my head and then the gas pump it's self wasn't working... it timed out and I had to wait like 10-15 minutes to get gas while the manager fixed it.
and now my head hurts, I feel nauseous and my wrist is killing me and I feel like crying.