My Letter To The World
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2015-10-07 02:40:32 (UTC)

Writting and Ranting.

I've resolved to try to write again but as soon as I sit down to try to I either have to hurry up and go so I write some short stupid quick entry or no entry at all.
I wanted to write last night but got no chance to when I actually had internet access.
So I stayed in town specifically to write this and in between talking to B, H and Zoe I'm hardly getting a word in here.
but here we go I'm trying.

That's kinda been my catch phrase lately "I'm Trying"

SO we move soon and lose our home and watch it be bulldozed to the ground.
Now we lose our church too because of angry bitter lying to faced Idiotic people with nothing better to do with their lives than to make ours a living hell.
yeah...so that's been 2015 with some insane crazy Dreams and visions about people we can't face and about natural disaster that are going to happen and change things and kill thousands if not millions of people...
yeah that about sums up 2015 what a great 21st year...
why the hell is this happening to me, to us?

whats going to happen next is the better question? hmm? someone else gonna betray me? someone going to die? some horrible accident?