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2015-08-23 23:19:59 (UTC)

The lunch

They ended up letting me know that instead of 4 or 4:30
it was going to be more like 5:30. Shopping was crowded
because of the back to school specials and people everywhere.

So, I went on to meet them.

We were walked to through this place which was crowded...
and all sat in a booth. It was loud. So I put on
the hearing aids...they talked about their shopping trip
explaining the delay because of the crowd.

She talked some about what was going to happen this week..
it is clear she is scared to death. So, we tried to
help with the end of the lunch, all was good.

I did go ahead and leave to come home afterwards because
I needed to get off my knee...which I did not mention
at the lunch.

She called me this morning and said she could tell I was
upset about something...and said she knew I had set aside
many days offering to come help her. I let her talk. I
think we all knew she was doing that stuff herself...and
told her that was upsetting. But she was ok...

talked more about this week. I told her her cousin may
want to bring her car in cause I was not leaving myself
if there were protesting going on in the area. She
understood...I also said she may need to also bring an
overnight bag whether she follows us or not and if she
does not follow us then she may want to have a back up
plan on how she is going to get back home....all making
sense after i explained my reasons.

We talked about those horrible people she works with..
and I told her if any of them show up, they an't getting
no updates from us....I prefer not to even speak to those
people. It is their damn fault she is in the shape she
is in. She agreed.

She is giving me a key to her case I need to
bring something to her later on....

her dad was coming over so we did not talk too much

one more day to prepare...

I have touched base with my policeman friend and he said
we should be okay going up there at 5:30 am. And should
check situation before leaving at end of day. That tells
me we may not leave to come home until 4 or 5am the next
morning to avoid protesters.
I hate damn loser protesters...

go get a damn job.