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2015-08-22 20:17:19 (UTC)

Saturday's more disappointment

I have just about had it. Been doctoring that knee and it seems
to be taking a turn for the better. Got my bathroom cleaned up
yesterday and worked on bedroom somewhat today.

BFF called tested me this morning. Said she and her other friend
were going to shop some and she needed to return some things..
did not ask me if i wanted to go...but said they were going
to end up at this place to get something to eat and wanted me
to meet them there. I just replied to text me when they were on
their way and I would try to meet them.

Have not heard from her since.

Not sure what her problem is. I had told her I would help her
with her organization at the house since she seemed so concerned
about it. I made time to do that several days and each time, she
shut it down, either doing something, got an appointment or
someone was coming over there..which is probably true, but the
other days in my life I do things too. I have a business to
run....when I set those days aside too help her...and I mean
many of them...I could have been doing something else.

I ask her to text me today because she is bad about being
very late when we make plans. I decided to start waiting until
she was at least on her way before I left the house. Last time..
I waited on her in the parking lot for about 30 or 40 minutes..
and she was on her way then. I just need to know when she is
on her way or there. I am not going to do waiting any more.
Those days are over.

She wants me to take her to the hospital at 5:30am.

I thought her cousin was following us in her car. But now,
they want her to ride with us. I will be stuck there all day.
I will tell them before then that she may want to follow us
so she can stay as long as she wants to and or leave if she
needs too. I was not planning on sitting up there for 6 hours.
I have things I can go do in that area...and her riding with
us makes me feel more obligated to stay there with her.
I am not feeling too good about that or the way
they are treating me.

I keep getting left out...and
told this is not a good day to come over...but all these
other people are coming over there. Been getting the feeling
she does not want me there much. I mean hey, I am allergic
to cats...I volunteered to come help her after her surgery..
and I will just have to take Zyrtec for that...but I am
beginning to wonder where are these other people she is
hanging out with now....before the surgery..and why are
they not making plans to help her out instead of putting all
this on me?

Today...I was asked to go...but according to what she said
in her text, they would be there by now...or done and on their way
home. Looks like if the plans changed, the courtesy of
a call or text to let me know instead of having me sitting here
ready to go....and hear nothing.