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2015-08-21 21:21:54 (UTC)

This time last week...

This time last week I was at the beach getting ready to go out on
the beach and walk with my daughter and granddaughters. This week,
I am in bed right now for the day. My knee is swollen. My back
is so tight it is throbbing. I took a flexeril. Spent some of
this afternoon cleaning up my bathroom and vanity area. It looks
good. But still not finished. I used to do all this stuff and keep
it done, caught up and never worried about it. These days I have
to take on small projects and do as much as I can. Done for today.

Talked to my friend about Tuesday. I will need to take her to the
hospital around 5:30am. Her cousin, instead of following me there
is planning on riding with me and staying there as long as I do.
So, that puts me in a position where I can not leave during the
6 or 7 hour surgery. I hate hospitals and did not plan all this.
But told her it was fine. Her cousin may want to stay longer,
but if so, she will have to call a cab. When I am tired, I need
to come home and get in bed. It is that simple.

Plus, there was a mistrial today in a trial where a Charlotte cop
gunned down a black guy last year. People are already laying in
the streets. Right where I will need to be going. What in the
hell am I going to do if there are rioting going on in that
area on Tuesday? I hate that stupid shit. Now really did not
think this would happen, thought the cop would be found guilty
of something. Hell, he shot the guy 10 times. A little
excessive if you ask me. I would be laying in the street
with them if I could, but that day, I really need to get
to the hospital. It is crazy.

Breaking NEWs all damn day and national news media will be
all over this....I am worried.

If it were my son he shot down like that the son of bitch
would not have made it to a trial.